Customers Express Adoration For Silicone Oven Mitts

Las Vegas, NV based Frux Home and Yard is pleased to share a glowing review one of their products received from a highly pleased customer. The customer review by Julie Buckley is brief but clear on how much they enjoyed using the company’s silicone oven mitts, and it is a notable example of the many positive comments the mitts have received from scores of other users.

“My previous mitts kept burning my thumbs,” explains the review, “so I decided to purchase a new pair. The reviews on this product did not disappoint. I can actually hold hot baking sheets now instead of immediately sitting them down.”

Judging by the fact that the customer reports having to quickly put hot items down once retrieving them from the oven, the company states that it is most likely their last oven mitts were made of cloth. While cloth oven mitts have long been a staple of American households, particularly due to their bright, attractive colors, many have found that they tend to offer less practical value in the way of protection from heat — which is crucial in the kitchen.

According to Frux Home and Yard, their silicone over mitts are rated heat resistant up to an astonishing 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Given that their flexible nature means that they can be used to transfer pots, pans, baking sheets and other hot items much more conveniently, customers who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen will no longer have to risk getting burned if they take a few seconds too long to transfer such items from one point to another. Many customers even report being able to take containers directly out of the oven without having to worry unduly about the heat thanks to the silicone oven mitts. The company points out that the vast majority of recipes also call for temperatures that do not exceed the 500 degree mark — and they are also water and steam proof.

This is clear in another review from a customer identified as Tory. They found the product to be, “Really good quality oven mitts that really protect the person wearing them. My girlfriend used to use some cheap oven mitts that weren't long enough, and she accidentally burnt herself. After I bought these and she used them for the first time, she was extremely happy to feel safe using the oven again. When I put them on, I was surprised by how comfortable they were and how easy it was to slip them on and off. We could barely feel the heat through the mitts when we were handling anything fresh out of the oven. I would recommend these mitts to my friends and family if they were looking for a new pair.”

Frux Home and Yard is proud to add that the material is also flame retardant, which effectively means it will not catch fire or melt in the event it is accidentally brought too close to a naked flame. Notably, the interior of the mitts are lined with premium cotton, ensuring a snug fit. As many reviews have noted, the mitts are exceptionally long, extending up to 14.75” inches in length, and they are designed to comfortably wrap around a forearm of 10" inches in circumference. Since many full dishes can be heavy enough to brush against the forearms when carried, the company found that this increased length is vital in offering adequate protection.

To go even further, the company took the liberty of installing a textured non-skid pattern on both sides of the mitt, effectively allowing items to be held with close to the same degree of dexterity a user would have with their bare hands. They are both flexible and breathable, which also means they are comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods. Last but not least, the company understood that the mitts have to be easy to clean. While cloth oven mitts are known for picking up stains quite easily, Frux Home and Yard’s extra durable oven mitts are made out of a BPA-free, food-grade silicone that is much more stain resistant and can be cleaned with just water and soap. The company assures that they can even be machine washed (on a gentle cycle).

More reviews and a comprehensive list of all the product’s features can be found on its Amazon listing. Similarly, customers may contact Mike MacDonald of Frux Home and Yard if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries.


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