Crypto Strategy Going Viral Can Now Be Learned

Bizzically, which is based in Santa Monica, CA, is happy to announce that a webinar will be held on May 12, 2022 at 2:00 pm Pacific (Los Angeles) and the focus will be on Dan Hollings’ new crypto-trading methodology that has been going viral because it works when the market is up and even if the market is down. Over 16,000 people in 130 countries have been learning and implementing this system to produce passive income with cryptocurrency. Even those who have never bought crypto in their life can also do the same with the help of the webinar. And it is important to note that the strategy has been going viral across the Internet and the training replay will only be up for a few days.

It is important to note that cryptocurrency is not controlled or regulated by a central governing body like central bank or a country. Instead, it is decentralized and is peer-to-peer. When sending or receiving money through crypto, it will not need to go through a third-party intermediary. And to ensure security, crypto is run on the blockchain, which is a public ledger that is distributed on a worldwide network of computer with each record made secure by high-level cryptographic algorithms.

Basically, the webinar will show how Dan Hollings was able to make $699,876 in 12 months by using crypto bots, while not doing anything 99 percent of the time. It will also show how their live “beta” students have been receiving incredible returns on their crypto by using some of the most conservative approaches ever seen in crypto. The webinar will also show the 100 percent success rate for every “beta” student they put through the plan. They will also show the live status of all of their clients who were willing to participate in an experiment to prove that the crypto automations really work.

They will also show in the webinar why people will not be able to achieve crypto success in Telegram groups, on YouTube, or by pursuing memecoins and moonshots. The webinar will also explain why they are not afraid of a crash, and they don’t need to market to go bust or boom, to become a bear or bull market, because the automations will allow a steady, passive income from crypto. The webinar will also show how to buy and hold or HODL the best cryptocurrencies available on the market while letting them produce cash flow daily, by the hour, and even by the minute.

It will also be demonstrated how an individual can still make money on crypto even the value of the coin declines by 58 percent, without “shorting” crypto. And Dan will also show every single active crypto automation that he has been running up to the present time. This will be shown live and participants will be able to know every coin by name and how it is performing, as he presents his personal crypto automation portfolio.

They want to emphasize, however, that results are based only on the experiences of a small number of people. And the information provided should not be considered as financial, investment, or any other kind of advice. A particular individual’s experience may be influenced by their background, invested capital, education, and/or experience, including external factors that may be beyond their control. It’s actually impossible to know the actual results of participants but average returns are likely to be moderate. A participant’s returns, if any, will actually vary and it advisable to keep expectations in control.

Dan Hollings, the webinar presenter, has already run more than 10,000 crypto automations during the past 49 months. He has already put over $5 million worth of crypto through the markets and has figured out what really works. He has already tested his strategy with individuals in over 120 countries in both bull and bear crypto markets and he has proven that he is the one who has the crypto plan and now wants to share his approach to others.


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