Crypto Investment Strategy Works For Ordinary People

Crypto investor and trainer expert is highlighting the difficult nature of crypto investing and how his investment strategy can help ordinary investors take advantage of the latent passive income opportunities that cryptocurrencies provide.

Crypto investing is a matter of great public interest, especially for those with the entrepreneurial spirit and who are always on the lookout for new and exciting investment opportunities. Google Trends clearly shows that the fervor around Bitcoin was the highest around the end of 2017 when the price of Bitcoin hit $20,000 for the first time. Along with the unprecedented rise in the price of Bitcoin, came stories of the Bitcoin millionaires who bragged about the sports cars and mansions that they were buying through their newfound crypto gains. Media outlets ran with the feel-good stories of investors getting rich off crypto and soon the interest surrounding crypto investing had reached a fever pitch.

However, crypto investing is not for the faint of heart as there is a lot of technical knowledge to digest. Investors also need to understand the basics of economics and need to have the perseverance to stay educated to keep updated with the happenings in the crypto space. The field is also incredibly saturated as, according to, as of the time of writing, there are more than 19,000 publicly traded cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. New ones are added regularly, each having a unique appeal, marketing gimmick, or a new twist on the cryptocurrency formula to separate themselves from the other investment opportunities.

Moreover, the crypto landscape is also awash with scams and Ponzi schemes. For example, Tether, a so-called “stablecoin”, was subjected to a probe by the US Department of Justice on whether the people behind it committed bank fraud. Bitconnect, a high-yield investment program whose token Bitconnect Coin had reached an all-time high of US$463 in December 2017, was revealed to be a Ponzi scheme and was shut down in early 2018. Even the widely popular domain of NFTs, another investment opportunity in the crypto space, is littered with abandoned projects which lost their investors millions of dollars.

The expert weighs in on the difficult nature of investing in crypto by saying, “Cryptocurrencies are built on the fundamentals of two domains that are known to be relatively obtuse and highly impenetrable to the knowledge and skills possessed by most ordinary people – computer science and finance. Yet, they also represent a never before seen opportunity in the world economy. They offer regular people a chance to level the playing field as those brave enough to take on the challenge can change their life stories if they just play their cards right. First, you have to understand how to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies. Then you have to come up with a security plan to keep your earnings safe. Once you get the technical knowledge down, you are also required to stay updated with the news and trends in the domain to stand a chance of catching a profitable wave before others. You also have to be careful of the many seemingly legitimate but unscrupulous actors who are perched like vultures to exploit the lack of knowledge and due diligence of those looking to invest their hard-earned money in crypto. All of this can be a lot to keep up with and is almost as taxing as a full-time job. My goal was to create a strategy for the masses that is not only profitable but also as hands-off as possible both in terms of setup and maintenance. It focuses on making money from price movements and is not correlated to the market’s volatility or the havoc wreaked by individuals and organizations acting in bad faith. My crypto trading bot turns crypto investing into a fully passive income machine. So sign up today and watch the webinar to find out more about how this crypto trading bot strategy can help you unlock financial freedom.”


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