CPAP Therapy Advised For Pregnant Women With Sleep Apnea

Chicago, IL based Insurance Covered CPAP is advising their community to consider CPAP therapy for pregnant women with sleep apnea. Pregnancy carries many risks for women, and sleep apnea is one issue that they need to be on the lookout for. Fortunately, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea that is known to be beneficial even in pregnancy, and Insurance Covered CPAP seeks to ensure everyone knows how to get a machine paid for by insurance.

The easiest way for a family to find out whether they qualify for a CPAP machine, mask and supplies through insurance is for them to visit the company’s website and fill in their details. Insurance Covered CPAP asks only two questions to begin with: which state the family resides in and what their insurance provider is. On the next page, they can submit their name, contact details and so on in order to request the company’s assistance with qualifying for insurance covered CPAP. Whether this involves utilizing an unknown aspect of an existing insurance plan or negotiating with the provider for further considerations, the applicant has the best chance of qualifying when they enlist the help of Insurance Covered CPAP.

The company says that many of the best brands in the industry are featured among their partners, so applicants may also have their pick of some of the most popular products available. As each situation is different, the only way to know for sure is to get started at once, and the company urges their community members not to hesitate to get in touch if they or a pregnant loved one have sleep apnea.

There are several notable advantages to working with Insurance Cover CPAP. To begin with, they understand that the people they help all have busy lives and may forget to keep their CPAP supplies in stock, especially since this is an infrequent activity. Most supplies, they explain, are replaced no more than four times a year, so it can be easy to forget until they run out completely, leaving the affected individual without aid until their next shipment. Fortunately, the company takes it upon themselves to send reminders when it is time for supplies to be replaced. These supplies are also shipped directly to the user at no additional cost. The company calls this their ReSupply Program, but it is hardly the only benefit they offer.

The company understands that many will be unfamiliar with their CPAP equipment, especially if no one in their family or social circle has used one previously. To address this, Insurance Covered CPAP runs a Telehealth Instruction team that actively educates their community on the proper use of their equipment. As experienced respiratory therapists, they can remotely direct the user on their CPAP machines’ functionality and how supplies should be utilized.

Furthermore, since the company’s goal is always to help sleep apnea patients get a good night’s sleep, they will carefully monitor each user to ensure they are getting the expected benefits from their machine. This is particularly important for expecting mothers, given that sleep apnea can cause pregnancy complications and long-term health issues.

Insurance Covered CPAP highlights studies that indicate about 20% of pregnant women are struggling with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Since pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body, pregnant women have an increased risk of developing OSA. The issue is that these cases tend to go undiagnosed or untreated, and it is exacerbated by the fact that many symptoms of sleep apnea overlap with other side effects that are known to occur in pregnancy.

Whatever the cause of the sleep apnea may be, the company firmly believes that everyone has the right to a restful sleep, and helping their community get CPAP via insurance has proven to be an excellent way of pursuing this goal. Since the price of these machines may lead many to believe relief is out of their budget, the company strongly advises their community to get in touch before giving up — even if they have already checked their insurance and believe they do not qualify. Insurance Covered CPAP specializes in helping their community get covered, and they always look forward to helping more people get the machines and supplies they need.


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