Consulting Agency Project Blue World Is Promoting Its Value Driven Management Services

Project Blue World, a consulting services company from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is creating solutions for overcoming the logistics, planning, and management problems that the world is facing today. The company is urging business leaders, community leaders, and thought leaders to check out the website at which hilites how we all connect and work together towards common goals. Together we can achieve Climate Change and other initiatives using existing and new technologies, sciences, and brilliant people on our planet. Receive consultation or become a Member of Project Blue World, the formation of Project Blue World Foundation, a non-profit to expand services is expected to launch by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

The company’s core strength is a network of agents and agencies who, under the guidance of strong leadership, help individuals, communities, and organizations (for-profits as well as non-profits) solve the problems that are preventing them from achieving their business or charitable goals. Project Blue World has created a management system and a knowledge base of trainers, tools, and actionable templates that are designed to ease corporations and groups into improving the capabilities of their people, finetuning their processes, and drastically updating the quality of their products and services. The company’s consultants can step in for a short time to give critical advice on a business’s way of doing things or they can take a more active long-term role and offer suggestions to overhaul the company’s operations over its entire product or service life cycle.

Project Blue World Consulting Agency was founded by Todd and Lori Payne, the latter of whom also serves as President, in 2019 to generate happiness and quality of life for the citizens of the world by harnessing existing samples and expanding until everyone is served. Initiatives are underway in a wide variety of industry domains such as economic, energy, aviation, aerospace, agriculture, youth, health, wellness, science, technology, education, design, innovation & environment. Its management and consultants are experienced in business verticals such as supply chain, people, product development, and project management. Project Blue World was established with the vision for a world in which every human attains happiness to enhance the development of self, community, and organizations. It also defines its mission as being dedicated to contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility, and economic progress.

Lori Payne comments on the importance of community and combined efforts to solve global development challenges by saying, “People want performance. When we unite, we ignite happiness, quality of life for all the world.” Project Blue World provides its members with access to be in their “Project Blue World Members” Qualified Vendor List, central database, elite team of globally located experts to connect with. Members receive benefits offered by its global network, “the Grid”, which provides a place for people or teams, companies, communities, or countries to plug in and participate in joint events, advertise, and gain referrals. Do you require project management or consultation? Connect today to gain access to experts, templates, and tools that can be managed and accessed via desktop or mobile with a hard copy manual in design that will soon be available for purchase for members and clients to develop for their own operational requirements.

Project Blue World helps build a culture of performance and improvement for citizens and businesses by providing personalized and team services via integrated local and remote networks. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programming Project Blue World provides a space for Private and Non Profit teams on the website, be sure to visit the PBW Foundation to see what people and teams are looking for support today. PBW encourages teams, and utilizes existing networks to grow awareness of opportunities and service upgrades from country to country, via region and industry 2022 is an exciting year as the internet connects us. Project Blue World executive agents and agencies stand by its clients to guide them from the first call and introduction through needs analysis, project management, or full life cycle support. PBW Members get to tap into a wealth of teamwork opportunities, tools, technologies, and solutions that can be used as templates to solve pressing business problems. The company says that by working together, it aims to establish a continuous flow of access to quality of life, services, and opportunity, from prenatal to palliative, for citizens all over the world.

For individuals, membership in Project Blue World costs 100 USD or 125 CDN, for small 3-5 person companies or teams it is 300 USD or 375 CDN, and for corporates or large teams it is 500 USD or 625 CDN. Readers can head over to its website to find out more about Project Blue World or contact its representatives at (204) 406-8047 or Find and follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


For more information about Project Blue World Inc, contact the company here:

Project Blue World Inc
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