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Augusta, Georgia based HVAC contractor Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is sharing information about the services they provide to the local community. Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning is among the best HVAC contractors in Augusta and the CSRA and serves the greater Augusta area, including Martinez, Evans, Grovetown, Harlem and North Augusta.

Patrick Cutlips of Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning states, “If you live in Augusta, having a working, well-maintained heating and cooling system is very important. If there are any issues with your HVAC system, chances are that your quality of life will take a significant dip. Whenever an issue pops up, you would be wise to deal with it as soon as possible, and the team at Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you.”

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Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning’s expertise includes air condition repair and maintenance, heater repair and maintenance and indoor air quality checks. With air conditioning units, the problem could be as simple as a dirty air filter or clogged drain, but it could also be more complex, such as a refrigerant leak or electric control failure. Whatever the issue might be, the team at Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning can handle it.

Atlas technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the home’s AC system and ductwork, diagnose the problem and recommend a solution that meets the homeowner’s comfort needs and budget. The company promises that they never recommend repairs unless they are 100% necessary, and their technicians will never commit any repairs without the homeowner’s approval. They also use nothing but the highest quality parts and tools when repairing a home’s AC system.

Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning points out that while repairing problems as they arise is important, homeowners should also consider regular maintenance — at least once a year. This can help improve the efficiency of an air conditioning unit and prolong its lifespan. The company also recommends having AC units inspected before the hot summer season, allowing homeowners to turn on the AC and stay cool without worrying about any new problems popping up. Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning uses state-of-the-art computer analyzers and best practice techniques, all performed by the highest trained technicians, to conduct AC maintenance.

Similarly, ensuring that central heating repair is done as the need arises is crucial. Issues with gas-fired HVAC systems can cause carbon monoxide leakage, which can be very unsafe for all occupants of the property in question. In addition to carbon monoxide poisoning, cracked heat exchangers also create the risk of fire. These problems and others that plague a heater or a furnace can all be professionally repaired by the team at Atlas.

As with air conditioning units, Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning emphasizes that servicing heaters is quite important. Over time, a heater will get less efficient, and once it drops past a certain point, it will become increasingly expensive to operate and decreasingly effective at heating the home or office. Most units older than 12 years need to be replaced, something that can easily be done in a timely and cost-effective manner. For all heating units, regularly scheduled maintenance not only lowers power bills, it extends the life of the system. Atlas technicians can inspect the heater and recommend the best course of action.

Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning also provides indoor air quality services. According to the EPA, indoor levels of air pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. These pollutants can cause unpleasantness from offensive odors, nose and throat discomfort, eye and skin irritation, lung irritation, fatigue and other issues. Seeing as people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, it becomes vital to ensure that indoor spaces have good air quality. Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning has several technologies and methods to clean and purify the air in any home or building.

Those who want to learn more about the range of services provided by Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. should visit the company’s website. Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning encourages interested parties to get in touch with Patrick Cutlip via email or phone for questions or clarifications. The company maintains a social media presence on several platforms, and customers are welcome to get in touch through their preferred channels.


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