Compare A Quote Publishes Blog Post On How To Purchase Renters Insurance In Utah

Compare A Quote has published a blog post on its website that gives renters guidance on how to buy the most comprehensive renters insurance in Utah while saving money at the same time. The company is also encouraging renters and homeowners to follow it on its Facebook page at the link: to stay updated with its services and offers.

According to the United States Census, the average rent in Utah was just over $1,000 in 2019. The state’s metro areas are currently seeing unprecedented growth that has not gone unnoticed by those willing to move to the state for a more lucrative career or a better lifestyle. Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital city, ranked among the top five of 51 metro areas across the nation for the biggest year-over-year increases in median sales price. The median price rose from $410,000 in February 2021 to $516,759 in February 2022, an increase of 26%. The dramatic rise in property prices is one of the reasons that a lot of Utah residents are choosing to rent.

With the rise in the number of people renting homes and apartments in Utah, renters are also waking up to the need to protect themselves if their rental property, and their belongings within, happen to get destroyed, lost, or stolen due to adverse events such as a fire, theft, or other disasters. Renters insurance is designed to cover the cost of damaged or stolen belongings in the case of the aforementioned events. While this type of insurance doesn’t cover the property itself, it’s essential to have it to protect a renter’s possessions. There are no Utah renters insurance laws that require a renter to have it but the blog post from Compare A Quote recommends that it’s still a wise choice to pay for a policy whether an individual or a family is renting a home, condo, or apartment. Readers can find out more about renters insurance by heading over to Compare A Quote’s website at the link:

A spokesperson for Compare A Quote talks about some things to keep in mind when shopping for renters insurance by saying, "Renters insurance is typically charged annually and is more affordable than homeowners insurance. If you need to purchase renters insurance, and you might as well if you are renting, start comparing quotes from several insurance providers. The best way to save on your insurance is to learn about your options and compare some prices side-by-side. Different providers will vary the cost of the policy depending on the county and depending on the level of coverage you choose. You need to take stock of the items that you own and that you need to protect at all costs to make sure that your insurance of choice provides enough coverage for them. Once you sign up for renters insurance, it will cover the cost to replace your damaged or stolen property up to a certain dollar amount. If you don’t have a lot of high-dollar items, you can get a better rate by choosing the lower policy limit. The policy will also reimburse you for living expenses like a hotel or temporary rental and meals."

The blog post also mentions that another way to save money on renters insurance in Utah is to bundle it with an auto policy. In most cases, the renter can receive a discount for having two policies with the same company. Renters who want to make sure everything they own is covered can consider getting a rider called scheduled personal property. This rider will cover the cost of additional items over and above the ordinary belongings that are already covered. Liability coverage is also, usually, included with renters insurance. If someone gets injured in the rental home, the liability protection will shield the renter from losses due to a lawsuit.

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