Community Encouraged To Get Comfortable With Their Cheese Board And Knife Set

Cedar Creek, Texas based Roots To Table would like to encourage their community to be more adventurous when it comes to creating charcuterie boards with beautiful spreads. While the process may seem complicated at first, the company says many variations can actually be created without much effort.

To illustrate their point, Roots To Table draws their community’s attention to an article on Gypsy Plate: ‘The 30 BEST Charcuterie Board / Cheese Board Ideas.’ As the article says, “Don’t get intimidated by the fancy name and looks, they are pretty easy to put together, some of them with absolutely zero cooking involved. We have compiled this list of Best Charcuterie Boards ideas from all over the internet, just for you. Go through it all and take inspiration for all your party needs.”

True to this claim, the article shares many approaches that even complete novices can attempt to craft a stylistic, delicious charcuterie board that appeals to their own tastes as well as impresses any guests they would care to have. It explains that the term and practice of laying out a charcuterie board originated in France, and the name actually translates to ‘pork butcher shop.’ It refers to the act — or art — or preparing cured meats and meat products, following which they are laid out in a visually stimulating arrangement.

As globalization and trade took over, the art of ‘charcuterie’ reached other shores, and it swiftly grew in popularity as people from a vast variety of cultures began experimenting with selections from their own cuisines. In time, this meant that charcuterie came to represent much more than meat products. The article points out that contemporary charcuterie boards may include an assortment of meats, cheeses, artisan breads, olives, fruit and nuts, but the additional measure of organizing them in a visually appealing manner has continued to thrive. Today’s charcuterie enthusiasts appreciate the arrangement almost as much as the food itself, and perhaps more in some cases.

“All the flavors are meant to complement each other,” the article says, “Over time, these boards become so popular that people started getting real creative with different pairing options and innovative eating themes. They started to come up with elaborate grazing boards that had something for everyone.”

Such boards also make for excellent centerpieces or accompaniments during a gathering because they allow easy conversation to take place without necessitating the attention of a complete meal. Furthermore, each guest is free to choose the foods they like most right off the board, and the host has no need to help anyone serve once all the preparation is done. All they need to do is prepare the board and leave it in a central location. Every other aspect of the evening can fall into place by itself.

Roots To Table’s interest in charcuterie boards stems from the fact that they manufacture a cheese board and knife set that has proven quite popular with their community. Built out of sustainably sourced bamboo, this set was also crafted with the same care a veteran charcuterie enthusiast may have when building a board for their guests. For instance, this particular board comes with a set of serving utensils. Customers who slide out the hidden compartment will find 4 beautiful stainless steel cheese knives; the fork, almond, chisel and narrow plane.

The company adds that the board was made to be used as often as possible, so it features a stain and odor resistant surface that ensures owners will not have to spend ages cleaning after each meal. They can place meats, cheeses and any of a variety of other savory or pungent foods and rest assured that their board will maintain its clean appearance. Notably, the company says many of their customers have recognized these qualities make the board an excellent, practical gift, much to their loved ones’ delight.

The cheese board and knife set from Roots To Table is currently available on Amazon. Customers may also direct their inquiries to Roots To Table if they wish to learn more about the product.


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