Coffee Paired With Ice Cream At Chocolate Shop In Auburn, WA

Auburn, Washington’s local chocolate shop Gosanko Chocolate is reaching out to the community to share that they are now offering coffee and ice cream. Gosanko Chocolate has operated as a family owned-and-operated company since 1987, and they have always been a premier leader of unique and highly detailed solid molded chocolate. Learn more here:

“At Gosanko Chocolate,” the shop says, “we have always wanted to provide the finest chocolates and gourmet confections to our customers. To date, that has included everything from truffles, caramels, clusters and turtles — just to name a few — and we are now happy to say that we can add high quality coffee and ice cream to that list. Our customers can now walk into any one of our locations and expect to have a refreshing cup of coffee or a serving of the most delightful ice cream.”

Coffee Shop in Auburn, Washington

While the shop’s menu now includes ice cream and coffee, Gosanko Chocolate’s specialty still remains chocolate. The company attributes their success to their high quality standards and craftsmanship, which begins with their molds. They explain that these molds begin as unique sculptures created specifically for Gosanko Chocolate’s customers, which means they have a level of detail and uniqueness that can only be found with the company’s products and nowhere else in the industry. The company handcrafts each and every one of the chocolate pieces, then hand wraps and hand rubs them so detail is preserved.

Gosanko Chocolate is committed to quality first and foremost. To this end, the company exclusively uses the award-winning Guittard Chocolate. As a 5th generation company, Guittard has a commitment to the chocolate craft and select single origin beans for their exclusive flavors and attributes, and they customize blends and formulas to deliver a premium chocolate experience. This is paired with Gosanko Chocolate’s high standards and craftsmanship, which results in the company’s famous gourmet confections. All ingredients used beside the chocolate are also manufactured in small batches to ensure that freshness is preserved on the way to customers. The company’s caramels are individually hand cut, their entire gourmet confections are hand coated in chocolate, and each of their truffles are individually decorated by hand.

Gosanko Chocolate has earned rave reviews from customers who have enjoyed the company’s chocolates and truffles, as can be seen at their Google profile: Carmen Ey writes, “Very much enjoy the chocolates. There is a large variety and some very special flavors. I bought several. Blueberry Truffles are the best. The young woman behind the counter was very patient and courteous with me as I made my selections. It did take me a while. Glad I followed my impulse and visited this shop as I was leaving my appointment with the City of Auburn.”

In another review, Catherine Kautzman writes, “My first visit! The chocolates are fantastic! This place makes hand crafted confections, so if you're looking for cheap chocolate, go to the drug store not here. I have tried chocolates from all over WA, and this place is a winner! For your information, I’m always on a constant hunt for sugar free chocolates that actually taste as good as regular chocolates. This is the place! So look no further, I would rate this chocolate a 9.5 out of 10. To get a 10 you need a booze filled chocolate. Customer service was fantastic (I went to the one on Main St). Tried the coffee, and it was yummy too.”

Gosanko Chocolate’s owner, Ronnie Roberts, is also their Chocolatier. As a child, Ronnie began helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen and since then has turned his passion for chocolate into a gourmet experience that everyone can enjoy. He believes and promotes quality, customer service and community to staff and customers alike.

Anybody who wishes to learn more about Gosanko Chocolate and their range of products and services should visit the company’s website for more information. Locals can also visit the store at 116 A St SE, Auburn, Washington, 98002 to try their offerings. Gosanko Chocolate’s manager encourages interested parties to get in touch with them via email or phone. See more here:


For more information about Gosanko Chocolate, contact the company here:

Gosanko Chocolate
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