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Chicago Website Design SEO Company New East Side web design and SEO services are now available for businesses, including those in neighboring areas. The New East Side, which is sometimes called Northeast Loophole, is a residential area found in the market of the Loophole, which is one of the 77 industries in the city of Chicago. This area is bounded to the west by Michigan Avenue, to the north by the Chicago River, to the south by Randolph Street, and to the east by the Lake Coast Drive. This is a wealthy and abundant area with a varied economic climate. It encompasses all of the Illinois Facility and Lakeshore East. These areas were developed with the purpose of attracting financiers , offering new services, and keeping the quality of life and job opportunities in the area. It has a three-level street system that approximately accompanies its territorial boundaries.

Jack Lombardi, founder and CEO of CWDSC, says, “If you are interested in professional SEO services in New East Side, you are in the right place. Our company is a professional web marketing and SEO firm. We will work with you to put your business where your customers are. Our marketing and SEO services will help you move up search engine ranks. At the top of local search results, you will get more traffic and sales. Our business is all about making sure your business is growing and meeting short and long-term goals. If you want to find directions from New East Side to our office, you can check out Google Maps.”

CWDSC offers a responsive website design that ensures all site visitors will find the site easy to navigate. The website will also be a vast improvement over old mobile sites that were ugly and don’t work so well for mobile devices with smaller screens. Having a responsive website means it displays well on smaller devices, which is important for businesses at the present time because a significant number of people now use smartphones and tablets to conduct online queries.

At CWDSC, they enable businesses to connect with their potential customers through the use of SEO. This takes advantage of the massive number of searches, which is more than 10 billion distinct queries done every month in the US. Local SEO services is important because over 40 percent of these searches are for businesses within the local area, such as neighborhood, city, or state. Furthermore, it has been noted that people conducting local searches are usually ready to buy a product or service when they are browsing for service providers online. Local SEO will provide the business with a strong local online presence, which is expected to be beneficial for the business because around 34 percent of those who use their tablet to search for a local business visit the business within the day while around 50 percent of those who use a smartphone for searching visit the business within a day.

Another important service provided by CWDSC is Google listing optimization. Google listing, which is also known as Google My Business (GMB), is a platform that Google offers to allow businesses to advertise, market, and promote their websites. This is vital because GMB results are displayed alongside the regular Google search results. The GMB listings include a physical location for the business and other relevant information, such as the products and services, contact details, and business hours. GMB optimization enables the business to rank higher in the GMB search results.

Established in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, CWDSC is a dominant search engine optimization and web design company in Chicago and offers its services to other major cities in the United States. It also has several offices in other cities and towns. The company’s SEO services are offered by full-time SEO experts, who have a combined experience of over 25 years. Those who would like to learn more about the web design and digital marketing services delivered for businesses in New East Side and more can go to the Chicago Website Design SEO Company website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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