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Chicago, Illinois -

Chicago Website Design SEO Company The Loop web design and SEO services are now available for businesses, including those in surrounding areas. The Loop is the central business district of Chicago and is located in central downtown of the city. It is one of the 77 designated neighborhood areas in the city. It is bounded on the north and west by the Chicago River, on the south by Roosevelt Road, and on the east by Lake Michigan. Found in The Loop are the Art Institute of Chicago, the 500 acre Grand Park, several movie theaters, and several train and raised quick transit terminals. Also found in The Loop are the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, the Willis Tower, the Goodman Theatre, the Verse Opera of Chicago, the main public Harold Washington Library, the Joffrey Dancing, and the Chicago Cultural Center.

Jack Lombardi, founder and CEO of CWDSC, says, “If you are looking for The Loop SEO services, our company is a professional SEO firm. We will help you market your business by putting your website in front of your customers. We combine marketing and SEO services to make sure that your website is attracting the right traffic. If your website is the first one on search engine result pages, you will get more traffic. An increase in traffic translates to improved conversions and more sales. If you are interested in direction from The Loop to our office, you can check out Google Maps.”

One of the services they can provide to businesses in The Loop is website revamp services. They can offer a full cycle of revamp services, including load speed optimization, auditing UI and UX, for the purpose of ensuring the target audience for the business has a better experience, thus motivating them to stay longer on the site, while converting more visitors into actual buying customers. This kind of service is essential because: 68 percent of visitors immediately leave a site if it has poor UI and/or UX design; 46 percent of site visitors make their decisions based on what they see on the site; and around $1.73 billion is lost in annual revenue as a result of slow-loading e-commerce sites. The website revamp they provide offers a number of benefits, namely: guaranteed visual enhancement through the improvement of the UI and UX; content migration; and SEO preservation.

Jack Lombardi adds, “The fact that you found us is not by accident. The truth is, we are found under many profitable keywords for our industry like: lead generation company, lead generation services, lead generation services, SEO company and more. Through hard work and strategy, we are actually on page one of Google for more than 200 keywords and found in 1000's of towns and cities throughout the US; not only Google, but Yahoo, Bing and”

In addition to the website design or revamp, CWDSC can help ensure that clients have a lead generating machine. Business owners already know the value of a sales funnel, and in the online world, the website that functions as a lead generating machine is used to fill the sales funnel. CWDSC can construct such a system from the bottom up through their various services, such as: website design; lead funnel; content writing; email sequence writing; search engine optimization; reputation building and management; and PPC set up and management. The process that they follow is made up of several steps: determining the appropriate and profitable keywords; building or revamping the site to reflect those keywords for expectation management; building, managing or repairing online reputation; optimization of the site; and doing off-page SEO for the keywords that were found to be most suitable for the company’s products or services.

Started in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, CWDSC is a leading search engine optimization and web design firm in Chicago and provides its services to other key cities in the country. It also has a number of branches in other cities and towns. The company’s SEO services are provided by full-time SEO specialists, who have a combined experience of more than 25 years. Those who would like to know more about the web design and digital marketing services provided for businesses in The Loop Chicago IL and more can check out the Chicago Website Design SEO Company website or contact them on the phone or by email.


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