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Chicago Website Design SEO Company is helping businesses build responsive and attractive online portals that enable them to offer better functionality to their customers and also leave a mark with their design.

Website design is a confluence of technical innovations as well as an ever-evolving design ethos. Web technologies have never remained static. As open-source programmers and software companies steadily create cutting-edge web development frameworks and web deployment solutions, it has become exceedingly trivial to launch a website. A lot of astute businesses with a hunger to grow are always using this technological progress to deliver an increasingly engaging web browsing experience that keeps their customers coming back. However, new technologies are double-edged swords and need to be wielded with care, preferably by a team of developers who understand them well.

There have been several prominent examples of private and public corporations failing to build reliable web portals leading to immense losses when they crash. For example, The US Department of Veteran Affairs website crashed in late 2017 due to high demand for new veteran identification cards. Traditional retailers such as J-Crew and Macy’s also experience disruption of services on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sometimes, even hackers and other malicious actors engage in tactics such as DDOS attacks to bring down large websites, such as GitHub which suffered one in 2018. Thus, when looking for a web development partner, it is important to determine whether they are skilled and experienced enough to deliver the website as per the business’s requirements.

While adding new business-specific functionality to a website has several advantages such as high conversion rates and increased customer retention, the functionality and the business would go largely ignored if the web design is itself unappealing. As more and more of the world’s population uses the internet and mobile apps to get real work done, users have also wised up and developed an intuition for good design. It is very hard to stand out from one’s competitors in this day and age if the digital face of a company, its website, is not up to par in terms of its aesthetics. The importance of good web design is quantified in the results of a web survey by Sweor which found that “38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.” Moreover, Sweor also found that most users form their opinion on a website and, therefore, the broader business in under 50 milliseconds of landing on it.

CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, Jack Lombardi, talks about the competitive web landscape by saying, “Though any business owner or solo entrepreneur can set up a website today using tools such as Squarespace or WordPress, they are severely limited in functionality, especially if you are running a niche business that needs immense customization to meet your customers’ expectations. Not only does it have to be built robustly with sound user experience principles but it also has to look good and be a joy to use. You also have to worry about things like scalability to make sure it doesn’t crash during large traffic spikes, is hardened against threats such as DDOS attacks, and doesn’t have any security vulnerabilities that can lead to data leaks exposing customer data and eroding trust. The web development scene is just so complex today that, regardless of whether you are a giant corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop, you need an expert in the field on your side to put out a website that can weather any storm. For Chicago residents and businesses, that reliable partner is the Chicago Website Design SEO Company. We have decades of experience building websites and even marketing them to bring our clients valuable internet traffic. We urge you to head over to our website to check out our full range of web development and SEO services and read customer testimonials to find out why we are one of the best service providers for all things related to website design Chicago has to offer.”


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