Chicago Web Design and SEO Company Also Offers Lead Generation and Reputation Management

Chicago Website Design SEO Company, a search engine marketing agency, wants to stress that they don’t just offer web design and SEO services, but also lead generation and reputation management services. For their lead generation services, they build sales lead generating machines for their clients. Their services are important because they help to boost sales. The problem is that clients are often confused on which company to trust. Chicago Website Design SEO Company has developed a reputation of being a trustworthy SEO company in the Midwest and they build lead generation systems from scratch, including various services, such as: website design; content writing; lead funnel; search engine optimization; email sequence writing; reputation building; and pay-per-click set up and management.

Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, says, “Sales leads generation has many strategies, so we focus on what we are good at, web marketing. Our services include website design, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing and Google my business listing optimization. Our focus is to find what keywords your prospective client is using to search for services or product you provide.”

Their lead generation process consists of a number of steps. These are: finding the correct / profitable keywords; building or overhauling the website to reflect those keywords for expectation management; building, managing, or repairing online reputation; SEO optimization of the website; and starting off-page SEO for the keywords found to be the best for the client’s products or services.

Meanwhile, online reputation management is essential because it is important to have a good reputation online for a company or a high-profile person. For a business or a business person, if a potential client performs a search and finds negative comments or reviews, they will likely not transact any business with the company. With the reputation management services of Chicago Website Design SEO Company, people conducting a search will find positive comments and reviews about the company and potential customers will have a higher chance of doing business with the company.

Whether the client is dealing with negative press coverage, negative reviews, or a crisis that is affecting their image, the reputation management team from Chicago Website Design SEO Company can help. Their focus is on presenting the client’s image to the target audience professionally. The will address the specific factors contributing to each individual case in order to obtain the best results.

It is important to remember that what is online about a person or business will be there forever. It is, therefore, vital to properly manage the information about the person or business that is available online. And even if one’s social media accounts have been set to private or are locked down, those who have access to the post can save them and share them with other people. Another important thing to remember is that one can’t compete with review sites since these rank very high on the search engines. Thus, having a negative review on these sites can really be detrimental. And it is also important to remember that even good people can have a bad reputation online. For instance, they may have a name that is also the name of a criminal. They may also be falsely accused.

Thus, it is important to have one’s online reputation repaired by a professional like Chicago Website Design SEO Company. They will manage the client’s online reputation to make sure that people who are interested in the brand will see favorable information.

Started in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, Chicago Website Design SEO Company has grown into one of the leading SEO companies in Chicago and other major cities in the United States. While its headquarters is found in Chicago, it has offices in seven other major cities and provides their services to 76 towns. The company has a tea of four full-time employees, each one a specialist in their work and their combined work experience is more than 25 years.

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