Chicago Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses The Role of Stepparents in an Illinois Divorce

Chicago divorce lawyer Rusell Knight releases a new article ( that discusses the role of stepparents in an Illinois divorce. The lawyer mentions that divorce may be the end of a marriage, but it can also be a new beginning for someone. New relationships can blossom and this can mean that there will be a stepparent situation that the family will have to deal with.

“The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act define the term “stepparent” explicitly. So, to be a true stepparent in the eyes of an Illinois court that person must have been married to the actual parent. In Illinois, stepparents are the spouses of parents,” says the Chicago divorce lawyer.

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The lawyer explains that having a stepparent can be a sensitive subject. Everyone wants the best for the children, however, a stepparent may not want what’s the best for the children because they’re not theirs in the first place. This is why Illinois law puts all of its trust on the actual parent. This includes the decision to allow the child to spend time with the stepparent.

Attorney Russell Knight adds that if the parent is exercising parenting time, the stepparent may be present as well. The only way a stepparent or a new partner is prevented from meeting the child is when the other parent adds a paramour clause in their parenting plan. This clause usually says that neither parent will be allowed to introduce a member of the opposite sex until enough time in their relationship has passed.

In the article, attorney Knight mentions that if the other parent cannot or is not present with the minor child during that parent’s parenting time, that parent cannot automatically leave the child with a stepparent. Also, if the parent needs to leave, they must inform the other parent of their absence.

According to the divorce attorney, “Many people who get divorced, get divorced again. Divorce stepparents have understandable attachments to their stepchildren, but very little right to those stepchildren. However, the United States Supreme Court has declared that the right of a parent to make decisions for their children is a fundamental right under the United States Constitution.”

Lastly, attorney Knight emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to divorce matters such as child custody. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the parent or client understand their rights and responsibilities in the case.

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