Catalina Behavioral Health Offers Evidence-Based Treatment at Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Centers in Tucson

Catalina Behavioral Health, Tucson's newest and most accessible addiction treatment provider, is highlighting the several mental health and rehabilitation services, including drug rehab, that it offers in the state.

Patients looking for drug rehab in Tucson Arizona will be pleased to find out that Catalina Behavioral Health is an evidence-based practice with a large clinical team that takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment. It even helps patients with a dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse concerns. For patients who are addicted to substances that can have severe physical withdrawal symptoms, the center offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Its trauma-informed treatment models treat each client holistically and give them the tools to maintain long-term sobriety.

Rehab centers in Tucson are exemplified by Catalina Behavioral Health and its evidence based approaches to mental health and addiction treatment

A spokesperson for Catalina Behavioral Health talks about what clients can expect after enrolling in one of its programs by saying, “We offer both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment based on your needs. For inpatient programs, you should plan for an average stay of around 28 days which can be shorter or greater depending on the severity of your addiction and mental health issues. Our efforts are not only focused on the individual. We also involve your family in your healing process so that you have a support system that looks out for you when you start your new life outside of our center. Our substance abuse treatments encompass a wide range of legal and illegal drugs including heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, prescription pills, Xanax, and other benzodiazepines, polysubstance abuse, fentanyl, and more. We highly recommend that you look into our inpatient rehab programs if you have been struggling with your addiction for a long time and have a high likelihood of relapsing.”

Catalina Behavioral Health also makes available several modalities for those seeking services for inpatient mental health in Arizona. Patients who are contemplating taking extreme measures such as suicide or self-harm or are dealing with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, schizoaffective disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can find the help they need to restore their mental health and stability. The inpatient mental health services offered at Catalina Behavioral Health include one-on-one sessions with one or several mental health professionals, family therapy, and other activities that have proven effective for a specific mental health disorder, medication management, group therapy with peers who are also admitted for inpatient psychiatric care, and support groups. Patients in Catalina Behavioral Health’s inpatient mental health programs in Tucson are closely monitored and then transitioned to outpatient programs when their condition improves.

To help Arizona residents afford the services that it offers, Catalina Behavioral Health accepts many AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) policies. The center’s spokesperson explains how this differs from other rehab centers in the state by saying, “Several rehabs that take AHCCCS in Arizona don’t offer the full breadth of services needed to holistically address mental health and addiction. Depending on the specific health insurance, services such as Medically Assisted Detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, sober living facilities, medically assisted treatment, and more, may or may not be covered. At Catalina Behavioral Health, we accept the widest array of major insurance policies. This means that more clients now have access to top treatments for a wide array of addiction and mental health issues. Once we have a precise treatment plan, if any of our suggested treatments are not covered by your insurance provider, we can recommend alternatives that will be covered by your plan’s benefits. We urge you to give us a call and talk to our addiction treatment providers who can help you verify your AHCCCS eligibility. Please reach out any time of day or night if you or a loved one are struggling in Arizona, and find out more about joining the Catalina recovery family now!”

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