California Contractors State License Center Offers Home Study Courses

The Burbank, CA based Contractors State License Center is encouraging local contractors to sign up for home study courses if they are concerned they will not be able to attend classes in person. Whether due to scheduling conflicts, Covid concerns or any other reason, these California contractors home study courses give the community an opportunity to study for the licensing exam from the comfort of their own home.

The Center clarifies that enrolling for in-person classes remains the most effective way for a candidate to prepare themselves for the licensing exam. According to the Center’s observations, those who attend classes on their premises are generally more likely to pass the exam on their first attempt. This is due to the fact that many find it harder to focus on the study materials and apply themselves as well as they may be able to within a classroom environment where a dedicated instructor is present to offer guidance and educational direction.

Additionally, the classroom is designed for a single purpose, and distractions are limited as much as possible in order to ensure that candidates can focus on absorbing the material and preparing themselves to sit for the licensing exam. On the other hand, this may not be the case in a personal setting such as a home, especially given that many candidates have to share their space with roommates, family and so on. There also tend to be more personal distractions, in the form of social media, television, etc.

Last but not least, studying the material alone may mean that they are only able to memorize its contents. The licensing exam is designed to test their knowledge of the material as well as their ability to apply it in real-world situations, so memorization may not be enough for a candidate to truly understand the context of what they have studied. In a classroom, they have every opportunity to explore questions or clear up any confusion with their instructor.

However, the Contractors State License Center firmly states that the presence of all these challenges need not necessarily mean that studying at home for the licensing exam is an impossible task. Their home study program, for instance, is well-established, and many candidates have successfully utilized it to pass their exam with ease. The Center enables students to purchase all relevant books, study guides and even practice exams that can be used to prepare at home.

It is recommended that students take a proactive approach to minimizing distractions and taking every measure possible to maximize their chances of passing the exam. If they are staying with roommates and family, for instance, the Center suggests that they work out a schedule where all residents are required to be quiet for a certain period. If this is not possible, a student may find it easier to take their study materials to a nearby park, coffee shop or similar area where they can work in relative peace.

Similarly, study time should be used for this purpose alone. Since social media and phone notifications can prove to be highly distracting, the Center suggests that students temporarily switch off their devices for the duration of their study. While these may appear to be simple fixes, every small advantage can help, and students are advised that their career would be best served if they are able to pass the licensing exam on the first try. This will enable them to get involved in more lucrative projects without further delay, whereas they may be obliged to wait some time for the next scheduled exam to try again.

The Center offers students access to the most up-to-date materials in the event they wish to study at home. Despite encouraging students to attend classes wherever possible, they consider it their mission to give every student the tools they need to succeed, and they have taken several measures in light of recent events to minimize the impact on home-study.

Eric Jacobs of the Contractors State License Center is on hand to assist students in the event they wish to learn more about the materials on offer. Alternatively, those who wish to attend classes in person are welcome to submit an application today as well. Further details on both programs can be found on the Center’s official website. Learn more here: Contractors License School Los Angeles.


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