Business Law Attorney Outlines Recent Updates to Utah Real Estate Law Based on a Utah Court of Appeals Decision

Attorney Jeremy Eveland, who is a business lawyer in Utah, has recently published a resource on the recent updates to Utah real estate law brought about by the Utah Court of Appeals decision on Duffin v. Duffin, 2022 UT App 60. This is a legal case about a dispute between the plaintiff James Duffin and the defendant Brandy Duffin, who were previously married, and the case was a part of their divorce case. James Duffin was the only one name on the title of their house and he deeded the property to himself and his father, with the result that his wife Brandy was left without a claim for the house in the divorce case.

The original decision of the trial court left Brandy without any share in the marital home after the divorce. However, on appeal, the Utah Court of Appeals reversed the decision of the trial court and found that the home was a marital property of James with Brandy, and remanded the case back to the district court. The Duffin v. Duffin case is a reminder to those would would try to pull a trick on their spouse with regards to their marital property should not do it because it is not worth the time, effort, costs, and fees that they will spend in court.

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Meanwhile, the lawyers in the firm of Attorney Jeremy Eveland can help with the legal aspects of real estate transactions. They usually prepare, review, negotiate, and execute documents needed in real estate transactions. They can also help with title insurance, doing title searches, and ensuring that all parties involved in the transaction are protected. These lawyers are familiar with the various kinds of leasing and financing options. And they are also knowledgeable about the local, state, and federal laws with regards to real estate transactions.

Attorney Jeremy Eveland has also published a blog post about estate planning that elucidates on each of its essential elements. It is the process of planning for the management of one’s property, assets, and other possessions after passing away. Thus, it is vital to truly comprehend the basics of estate planning to make the best possible decisions for oneself and one’s family.

In the state of Utah, estate planning is the process of producing documents and other measures to make sure that one’s wishes will be done after passing away. This includes the production of a will, power of attorney, trust, and health care directive. It also includes making decisions regarding taxes on one’s estate, who will be making the medical decisions for oneself when one is no longer able to do it, and the appointment of the executor of the estate.

A key element of estate planning is the will, which is a legal document that provides instructions on how one’s assets and property will be distributed after one passes away. It can also appoint an executor for one’s estate and will be responsible for carrying out one’s wishes and ensure that one’s legacy is truly carried out.

A trust is a legal document that transfers one’s assets and property to a third party, such as a relative or a charity, while one is still alive. This can help in protecting one’s assets and property and also help in decreasing estate taxes.

Attorney Jeremy Eveland is a business lawyer in Orem and Salt Lake City, Utah, and he can offer legal advice with regards to all aspects of business operations, company laws, stock and agent relationships, partnership agreements, and more. It is important to note that business law covers everything from the formation and operation of businesses to intellectual property, employment law, contracts, tax law, and corporate governance. He can also serve as a real estate lawyer who can help with the legal aspects of real estate transactions.

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