Broadlinc Achieves Significant Milestone, Connecting 100 Homes in Whitesville & Fordsville, Kentucky

Owenton, Kentucky -

Broadlinc, a locally-owned high-speed internet provider, is proud to announce a pivotal achievement in its quest to bridge the digital divide in rural Kentucky. Since its launch, the company has successfully connected 100 households in Whitesville and Fordsville, demonstrating remarkable growth and strong community support.

The achievement underscores Broadlinc's unwavering dedication to bridge the digital divide in rural Kentucky. Attaining 100 customers in such a short time frame isn't just a business milestone; it's social proof of the trust, reliability, and high-quality service that Broadlinc represents. The message is clear: Broadlinc isn’t merely an internet service provider; it's a neighbor, a friend, and a trusted community partner.

“Our achievement goes beyond the numbers," said Kerry Bowlin, President of Broadlinc. "It's about being there for our community, understanding their unique needs, and delivering a service that transforms their daily lives. When 100 households in a community like Whitesville and Fordsville choose Broadlinc, it speaks of trust, satisfaction, and hope for a more connected future."

Broadlinc provides more than just an internet connection. Their high-speed services, with speeds up to 200 Mbps, cable TV, phone services, and whole-home WiFi solutions, are complemented by a promise: personalized, round-the-clock customer service. It’s not a call to a distant support center; it’s a conversation with a familiar voice who can have someone at your door, if needed, within 24 hours or that same day.

“We’re not just another service provider. We are Kentucky, through and through. We know our customers by their first names, and they know us as their neighbors,” said VP of Operation, TJ Scott. “Reaching this milestone in such a short time frame in Whitesville and Fordsville speaks volumes about the trust our community has in us and the tangible difference we're making in their lives.”

With as much as 40% of Kentucky without adequate Broadband internet access, Broadlinc has been investing heavily to improve access to rural communities throughout the area. They are one of the newest options available as an internet provider in the Daviess and Ohio County communities.

Broadlinc's promise of quality is backed by its extensive experience in the cable broadband industry, and the company has always been at the forefront of technological advancements. Their investment in the latest infrastructure guarantees that both residents and businesses in Whitesville and Fordsville have the best broadband services at their fingertips. This dedication has not gone unnoticed, as Broadlinc now proudly serves nine other Kentucky counties with its top-tier broadband.

Furthermore, Broadlinc's dedication to the community extends beyond connectivity. With active participation in the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program, through which several Whitesville and Fordsville residents have already benefitted, and a commitment to support local community causes, the company strengthens its bond with the heart of Kentucky every day.

Residents of Whitesville and Fordsville eager to experience the Broadlinc difference can explore their service options by visiting the company’s website at The 'Check Availability' feature provides quick insights, and for personalized queries, the 'Contact Us' form ensures a swift and responsive answer.


For more information about Broadlinc, contact the company here:

Brittany Bowlin
150 Progress Way, Owenton, KY 40359