British Association Of Removers Member Companies Offer The Most Assurance For International Movers

The British Association of Removers is an independent trade association from the UK made up of member companies from the removal industry. The organization imposes strict standards on its members, making BAR removal firms the best option for international travelers who are looking to move countries.

BAR accreditation is a revered status in the removal industry. It is a stamp of approval that promises a company’s clients that all their items will arrive safely and in one piece at the destination and the company will do so while charging the most competitive prices. The organization has a 100-year history of promoting and maintaining professional standards in the removal industry. When a company proudly showcases its BAR membership logo, it is a clear message to its clients that it meets the highest standards of service for removal companies.

Why choose a BAR member company

There are several levels to BAR membership – domestic, overseas, and commercial. Each level fulfills the requirements of a certain kind of client. Every company that secures BAR membership gets a logo that links to the BAR website, letting its visitors verify its status with the BAR for themselves.

The British Association of Removers Overseas Group is a higher level of accreditation that accounts for the complexities and challenges of international moves. For example, in the post-Brexit era, removal companies need to navigate the complex requirements enforced by the EU for goods moving in and out of the UK thanks to its newfound status. The BAR ensures that its members are cognizant of these requirements and that they hone their infrastructure and operating processes to fulfill them. The BAR also monitors its members’ activity and requires them to go through an annual inspection program.

Another advantage that only BAR member companies get to offer their clients is the “Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme”. It protects any prepayments of cash, debit card, or BACS and provides customers financial protection for the cost of their removal in the event of the removal company suffering financial failure.

The BAR has even published a Code of Practice that sets the standards for services for its members. For example, one requirement says that member companies should only display adverts that are clear, legal, and truthful. BAR members are also required to have in place responsive and user-friendly procedures for dealing with customer complaints. All the intricacies of the Code of Practice can be read in detail on the BAR website. The BAR Code of Practice is designed to make the move seamless, easy, and hassle-free for the customers enlisting the help of its member companies.

PSS International Removals is a BAR member company that facilitates overseas moves for its clients. Liam Witham, the CEO of PSS International Removals explaining why the company opted to become a member of the BAR says, "The British Association of Removers holds member companies to very high standards so customers can be assured of quality service. This is especially important for overseas moves which, by their nature, are far more complicated and require more expertise. When our customers see the BAR logo on our website and banners, they know that we are meeting those high standards and operating per the BAR Code of Conduct. It not only helps up sign up more clients but also forces us to always deliver the best possible customer service and follow the most updated industry-standard business practices. PSS International Removals are proud to have been members of the BAR Overseas Group for many years. We always aim to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and do everything we can to ensure their move goes smoothly.”

PSS Removals also has other industry accreditations and qualifications from international organizations such as the Federation of International Movers (FIDI), the FAIM Quality Certification, the International Association of Movers, European Movers Partnership (Euromovers), Demeco International, and The Movers Trading Club (MTC).

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