Bolk Dumpster Offers Dumpster Rental Service In Detroit

MI based Bolk Dumpster LLC is providing dumpster rental services to the community of Detroit. As a locally owned company, Bolk Dumpster understands what their community needs, and their team is always ready to consider accommodating any new requests their customers make. Bolk makes it a point to make each dumpster rental as convenient and hassle-free as possible, and customers can rent their next dumpster with ease via the company’s official website. Those interested can get started here:

Dumpsters rentals are a crucial service across Wayne County, but few understand just how important it is to have an efficient junk removal service lined up until their moment of need. According to Bolk Dumpster, anyone unfortunate enough to clean out their attic, basement and so on without having a dumpster standing by to accept all their unwanted items will quickly find that junk tends to pile up where it is least wanted, somewhat defeating the purpose of cleaning out an area at all.


The issue does not end there, however. Now that the junk has been shifted outside or to another location, it still has to be disposed of, and it can be extremely time consuming to transport it in relatively small quantities to a nearby dump. Should the homeowner only have a single car, even a truck, it will likely take numerous trips and waste both time and fuel. If they do not have any transport, they will likely have to settle for letting the junk sit on their property indefinitely. At this point, renting a dumpster can still help, but Bolk Dumpster points out that they will still have to invest time and effort to load the dumpster once it arrives as well.

Instead, the company recommends that customers give their team a call if they have a cleanout or similar project in mind and wish to consider whether a dumpster is necessary. Many may run the risk of underestimating how much junk they have, so a quick call to Bolk’s team can give them an opportunity to discuss their needs with an expert. See more here:

Bolk Dumpster offers a selection of dumpsters that can meet a variety of purposes. Each is strong enough to hold its integrity when full, and the company says they are able to accept virtually all manner of items, from furniture and appliances to hot tubs and e-waste. Customers may choose between the 10-yard dumpster, 20-yard dumpster, 30-yard dumpster and 40-yard dumpster. The first two of these are among the company’s most popular since they are large enough to accommodate the needs of most in the community. However, for larger projects, there is no substitute for a large dumpster that can hold all the junk a customer wishes to get rid of.

Contractors and large offices, for instance, often need such dumpsters due to the large quantities of debris or junk they can deal with. A construction site can lead to several tons of dirt and debris being created as people work, and all of this needs to be taken out of the way so that the project can continue uninterrupted. Without a reliable dumpster rental service, construction can be brought to a costly halt, so Bolk reassures their community that their team is comfortable working on tight deadlines. Each dumpster can be rented for a period of eight days (just over a week), but customers are welcome to request a day’s extension for a small fee. Additionally, Bolk can retrieve the dumpster and leave an empty unit in its place if the project requires it. Customers are advised to speak to the team to request this specific service when making their booking.

Customer service is important Bolk Dumpster, and they do everything in their power to minimize any hassle to the customer during a rental. From making the booking to delivery and retrieval, the company aims to provide a convenient yet high standard of service. Further inquiries may be directed to Enzo Bolk of Bolk Dumpster, and the company can be reached through their social media platforms. Read more here: BOLK Dumpster Rental- Detroit.


For more information about BOLK, contact the company here:

Enzo Bolk
(313) 462-0005
2200 Hunt St. Ste 474
Detroit MI 48207