Bestselling Time Management Book 'From No Time To Free Time' Available For Sale — What Is Left? Asks Author

Balance6 Inc, a business management consultancy based out of Lafayette, California, is pleased to announce that the paperback copy of the bestselling time management book 'From No Time, To Free Time' is live on Amazon now. Balance6 helps companies attain faster business growth by focusing on critical tasks and implementing systems to delegate everything else.

Chrisopher Nauer, founder of Balance6 and author From No Time To Free Time, says, “A lot of people have the wrong idea about time management. They think that it is about getting more work done, but that is not the case at all. Proper time management means finding balance across the board. It means balancing time, money, health, relationships, self-improvement, and spirituality.”

From No Time To Free Time, Paperback Version Now Live

In his book, Nauer shares a six-step process that helps people create the perfect schedule for their lives. The book is ideal for business owners who are fighting feelings of not having any time due to being busy, wanting to work smarter and not harder, and who want to improve their work-life balance. Nauer says, “If you have ever felt like you work seven days a week or that you need more time in your day — because what little time that you have is being consumed by your work — From No Time To Free Time can help you come to terms with the problems in your current approach to life and correct it so that you have a better, healthier relationship with your work and your time.”

From No Time To Free Time helps readers identify and deal with problems in six areas of their lives: Time, Money, Health, Relationships, Self-Improvement, and Spirituality. According to the book, until and otherwise, people are able to find balance across these six areas, it will be difficult for them to lead a truly balanced life.

Readers have nothing but praise for Nauer’s lessons. Trina says in their 5-Star Amazon review, “From No Time To Free Time is an inspiring book. I love that the author shared detailed client examples in addition to his own personal challenges — before becoming a time management specialist. I'm a creative type, so the chapter about time blocking was especially helpful to me. I highly recommend this book that clearly and strategically guides readers to increase their work/life balance. It's a great book to focus on in business book clubs too!”

In another review, Jeremy says, “Christoph's book, From no Time to Free Time is an excellent guide that teaches you how to find balance across six key areas of your life: time, money, health, relationships, self-improvement, and higher power. He uses real-world scenarios and gives easy-to-follow action steps that will help you to be more productive, reduce stress, build wealth, foster better relationships, and live a healthier and more meaningful life. This book will give you the tools that you need to start making impactful changes today! I've implemented many of Christoph's strategies and have been able to accelerate the growth of my business while working a lot less. I love having extra time to spend with my family, and my workday is a lot less stressful now that I am back in control! I highly recommend this book!”

Nauer, a certified business coach, is dedicated to helping business owners increase productivity, profits, and improve personal life. He coaches business owners to work smarter, not harder, so that they can nurture themselves and their relationships while also making more money with less stress.

His coaching includes strategies and plans, both in terms of finances and time management, and uses a comprehensive approach to target all six areas of a person’s life. He also checks on performance regularly to hold his community accountable and ensure that they meet their goals. Nauer also offers customized leadership training, team building, and employee retention on a long term basis where entrepreneurs can learn how to delegate, own their schedule, get things done, have less stress, more time and money, and enjoy longer vacations. A growing list of Nauer’s happy clients experience a sense of control and empowerment in both business and life. Christoph Nauer, a time management master, certified by Brian Tracy operates Balance6 which you can learn more about here.


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