Aurora CO Rehab Facility Takes a Look at the Main Signs of Opioid Addiction

Aurora, Colorado -

Pathfinders Recovery Center in Aurora, Colorado is a substance dependency rehab clinic that has a proven track record of helping people struggling with addiction get on the path to recovery. But it’s also an addiction rehab facility that is well aware that educating the public is an important part of this process. A good example of this is the staff at this clinic wanted to make sure that those struggling with opioid addiction realize the red flag warnings that go along with that. That way someone with an opioid dependency will realize that it’s critical they get help as soon as possible. A spokesperson for Pathfinders Recovery Center Colorado had this to say on the matter, “We have a great rehab facility here in Colorado that has helped many people get on the path to recovery from opioid addiction. But we can’t help anyone that does not recognize how severe their opioid dependency is and comes to get help from us. That’s why we thought it was so important to make the public aware of the main opioid addiction symptoms.”

The clinic’s spokesperson went on to say that educating the public on the warning signs of opioid dependency is also important because many who struggle with this addiction will not seek treatment themselves. Often, it’s another family member or loved one who has learned what the symptoms of opioid addiction are that encourages them to seek help. He stated that the first noticeable red flag that comes with someone having an opioid disorder is often something physical. This includes a person exhibiting signs of fatigue and sedation which are having tiny pupils and slow and shallow breathing. Also present may be constant itching, nausea and vomiting, changes in eating habits, and weight loss. An opioid addiction sufferer may also display flu-like symptoms and have scars from intravenous substance abuse. The spokesperson also mentioned such opioid dependency mood disorders as noticeable euphoria, sudden mood swings, a person avoiding social settings, and unusual levels of anxiety and irritability. Other mood-related signs of opioid addiction may include Secrecy and dishonesty, legal issues, visiting multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions, dramatic changes in routines, and problems at work, home, or in relationships. It was mentioned that opioid addiction is often accompanied by mental health disorders too.

A man struggles with pills in the foreground and shows the signs of opioid addiction

According to this Colorado rehab center’s spokesperson, they also like to educate the public about new opioid addiction risks that have recently come into play. Such is the case with Arizona and rainbow fentanyl. A complementary article their well-educated recovery team wrote looks at the alarming spread of rainbow fentanyl in Arizona as well as Colorado. These counterfeit pills present a huge addiction risk to young adults as well as anyone purchasing otherwise prescription drugs from social media or disreputable online vendors.

Those that have sought opioid addiction and other substance abuse recovery assistance from Pathfinder’s often leave very positive reviews of that experience. Deonte Skeens proclaimed, “I owe this place a lot. I came here scared hopeless and wanting to change and the awesome staff and team here helped save my life! I would recommend this place for anyone trying to find addiction recovery help.” Jacob Jones stated, “This place is great, they are 100% responsible for my recovery. This rehab facility has a great staff, great therapists, and house managers that genuinely care about the wellbeing of their clients.”

Although educating the public and providing top-notch rehab facilities are the key to opioid recovery, the spokesperson for this Pathfinder’s Recovery Center in Colorado stated they realize that not everyone can afford their advanced addiction treatments. That’s why they will explore many avenues to get someone the addiction help that they so badly need. This includes helping addiction sufferers using insurance for rehab. Their Admissions team is always willing to provide guidance on how those struggling with addiction can get the right coverage from their private health insurance policy to cover rehab services. He says they have also made it their business to know all the possible sources of recovery assistance that are available too. That way almost everyone that needs help recovering from an addiction can get it. The company spokesperson also pointed out that they always invite any and all that are interested in attending either of their facilities to call for a confidential consultation at any time.


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