AquaCrossings Continues to Offer Caring and Compassionate Pet Cremation Services in Phoenix

Tempe, Arizona-based AquaCrossings is a service that has always strived to be more than just a company that offers pet cremation services in Phoenix. This includes being very aware of the sensitive nature of what they do by showing great care and compassion to those who come to them for aquamation and other pet memorial services.

Matthew Mansour, the founder of AquaCrossings says, “It’s no secret that over time our beloved pets become an important part of our families. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to live nearly as long as we do and because of that, our families experience great sadness at some point. That’s why we make sure that everything we do here at AquaCrossings for pet owners is done in a caring and compassionate manner. Having gone through the pet loss journey and not having the support I needed, I wanted to make sure that AquaCrossings was there for our families at one of the most difficult parts of being a pet parent.” Mansour says a big part of what they do at AquaCrossings is the amazing team that he has assembled. They have all experienced the sadness of losing a close pet and they keep that in the back of their minds as they are working. That’s why they make sure that they help provide support for their families during their grieving process and that each pet they help memorialize is honored the right way.

Evidence of the thoughtfulness and compassion that those at AquaCrossings exhibit can be seen in the many glowing reviews that have been left about pet owners' experiences with them. Jocelyn Brueggeman proclaimed, “Matthew and Michelle are incredibly kind and compassionate business owners. They are very responsive and have created an absolutely amazing facility. I am so happy an option like AquaCrossings exists! Their facility was a beautiful space that filled me with peace. They answered all my questions about how the process works and were very patient with me. Thank you, Matthew and Michelle, for what you do - you are truly angels on earth!” Christina Legorreta expressed, “I cannot say enough great things about AquaCrossings! They took care of our fur baby with such love and care. The customer service from Matthew and Michelle is unmatched! They understood how difficult this process is and expressed genuine care. I highly recommend AquaCrossings, they are truly amazing in every way!” These are just two of the many 5-star reviews that have been left on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing that mention the caring and compassionate way that AquaCrossings operates.

The company owner, although acknowledging that operating with care and compassion is the hallmark of their business, there are many other ways that they help support pet parents through this time. This includes the extra effort that the business takes to make sure that the remains that a customer receives are those of the customer’s beloved pet only. He pointed out that they do this by using a sophisticated software-based tracking system as well as a physical tag tracking system. They are also a very environmentally responsible business that realizes how much harmful carbon monoxide emissions are released into the air each year because of fire-based cremations.

Mansour stated that’s why they offer ‘aquamation’ which is a cremation process that only uses water and emits zero harmful greenhouse gases. This sustainable pet cremation process is done by combining a gentle stream of water, an alkaline solution, and time. He mentioned that they lend a hand to their customers throughout the entire process. That includes helping with the necessary arrangements, veterinary office or home pick-ups, tracking, and returning a pet’s remains to its owner. Mansour added, “We are here for those that want to take time to reflect and remember their beloved pet. AquaCrossings is all about helping you honor your chapter in life together with your cherished pet and the memory of them that you will hold in your heart forever. Our team will help provide you with the tools to do this.”

Those that would like to know more about this service that offers euthanasia for pets in Paradise Valley, Tempe, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas can get in touch with them by phone, email, or by using the contact form found on its website.


For more information about AquaCrossings, contact the company here:

Matthew Mansour
1818 W 4th St, Tempe, AZ 85281