Apopka Tree Experts Speak More About the Importance of Tree Fertilization

Apopka, Florida – After realizing that tree fertilization is highly ignored by most homeowners, despite being very important, Apopka Tree Experts' CEO earlier today decided to share more about tree fertilization through an interview.

"Just like any other tree care procedure," said the CEO, "tree fertilization is very essential to trees' growth. Therefore, although they aren’t supposed to carry out the procedure on their own, homeowners should be helped to understand fertilization better. This is why Apopka Tree Experts agreed to do this interview today."

The CEO noted that fertilizers provide the trees with the nutrients required for growth.

"Fertilization releases the absent nutrients into the soil for trees to absorb," said the CEO. "Once the tree has absorbed the nutrients, it will grow healthy since it has all the nutrients it requires for growth. A healthy and strong tree does not easily succumb to pests and diseases, and hence its longevity is increased in the long run."

"A homeowner might be asking himself why the trees in the forests are not fertilized, yet they appear stronger and healthier than the trees in the landscape," continued the CEO. "The answer to this is as simple as this: the landscapes are not best suited for tree planting. Human activities have lowered the ability of the landscapes to support tree growth, and that is why the trees have to be supplemented with artificial nutrients."

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The CEO then noted that several factors have to be considered before fertilization is done.

"Fertilization is not a procedure that you just wake up and decide to do," said the CEO. "You have to consider what time of the year it is first. If it is in early spring—like now—or in late September and early August, then that is the right time to fertilize your trees."

"Secondly," continued the CEO, "confirm if your trees are under any stress. If yes, help them recover from stress first before fertilizing them. Also, if it is during times of drought, again, do not fertilize the trees unless you have enough water to feed them with. This is because plants do not absorb fertilizer without water. Some fertilizers may also damage the tree roots if water is lacking."

The CEO then warned homeowners against using DIY fertilizers and encouraged them to seek fertilization assistance from qualified tree care professionals.

"You might be tempted to rush out and get a DIY fertilizer once you realize your trees are growing weak," said the CEO. "As much as it sounds like a good idea, that is the biggest injustice you would have done to your trees and yourself as well. Why? The tree might need some other attention before fertilization, but you wouldn’t know unless a professional is involved. If that is the case, the fertilizer won’t help the trees. They become weaker instead."

"Also," continued the CEO, "the DIY fertilizers offer the least assistance to trees, if any. They are quickly consumed by the tree and thus do not provide long-term assistance to the tree. On the other hand, professionals use slow-releasing fertilizers that can benefit the tree for up to two years."

The CEO then urged homeowners in Apopka and its suburbs to make their tree care bookings with Apopka Tree Experts.

"Apart from fertilization," said the CEO, "Apopka Tree Experts is also open for all other tree care requests from homeowners in Apopka and its suburbs. The whole team has promised to continue using their wide skills and knowledge for the benefit of homeowners."

Apopka Tree Experts is located at 2616 Pemberton Dr, Apopka, FL 32703, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 321-273-7282 or sales@treeexpertsorlando.com.


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