Anaheim Lighthouse Joins Mental Health Addiction Network Meetings

Anaheim, California - Anaheim Lighthouse, a leading drug and alcohol treatment facility in Anaheim, California, has consulted with its current referral partners to launch the Mental Health Addiction Network (MHAN) meetings. The series of networking events are to take place every last Wednesday of each month, with the next meeting on February 22, 2023.

Martha Flint, Business Development Officer of Anaheim Lighthouse, shared that these meetings provide an opportunity for the attendees to meet new referral partners and build new relationships, while also ensuring the continuum of care for clients.

"The Anaheim Lighthouse is excited to participate in the Mental Health Addiction Network meetings as a way to connect with potential referral partners. MHAN provides an opportunity for professionals in the field of addiction and mental health to come together and discuss best practices in order to ensure that those affected by these disorders receive the best possible care," said Flint.

MHAN meetings are designed to be a space to connect with other mental health and addiction professionals, to gain knowledge, as well as build relationships that will benefit those in the addiction treatment community.

Flint added that the first MHAN meeting has already provided invaluable insights and opportunities for improvement in the field. She encourages potential members to visit their Facebook page for more information and join the meetings.

"We invite everyone who’s interested in joining us in our mission of providing excellence in care to come out and join us at the next meeting," said Flint. "We look forward to continuing the conversation with new and familiar faces alike."

Sara Alba, Alumni Coordinator the Anaheim Lighthouse, said that participating in such meetings brings great benefits to those who attend, such as learning about the latest developments and industry news, sharing resources with colleagues, and meeting valuable contacts in the field.

"We are excited for the next MHAN meeting," said Alba. "Staying connected continues to help us provide the best quality of treatment. The Lighthouse has always been at the center of community discussions and forums, aiming to connect people to recovery resources."


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