Akron Waterproofing Company Wise Waterproofing Is Providing Basement Waterproofing Services

Wise Waterproofing is offering waterproofing services for basements in residential properties throughout Northeast Ohio including Akron, Cleveland, Canton, and the surrounding areas.

The average monthly rainfall and snow in Akron, Ohio, in inches, hovers anywhere between 2 inches to 5 inches. The months of May, June, and July are the time of the year that the city receives the most rainfall. June is the wettest month with 4.53 inches of precipitation. The average amount of annual precipitation in a year is 41.34 inches.

All of the precipitation over the year in the form of rain and snow is absorbed by the topsoil leading to moist conditions for the parts of a property that are below ground level. This can lead to the weakening of a home’s foundations. Another reason for an uncontrolled amount of moisture and waterlogging in a home’s basement could be the downpour following a thunderstorm or cyclone or the result of faulty plumbing that gave way and flooded the structure. Nowadays, apart from storage, basements are increasingly being used as entertainment areas with expensive audio and video equipment that could get damaged leading to potentially thousands of dollars in losses. It is, therefore, essential to stay on top of potential water damage as it can start slowly in one part of a basement and then insidiously creep outwards to damage the entire area.

basement waterproofing system

The waterproofing experts at Wise waterproofing list common basement water problems on its website. The list includes a flooded basement, damaged downspout lines, condensation, clogged or poorly installed gutters, cracks in basement walls, mold & mildew, hydrostatic pressure, and improper soil & ineffective drainage.

When asked to elaborate on the aforementioned problems, a spokesperson for the Akron waterproofing company explains by saying, “The inside and outside of your home are both susceptible to problems that can lead to moist basement walls and leaks. For example, though outdoor fixtures like gutters and downspout lines are simple in construction and have a long life expectancy which is equivalent to the lifespan of the home itself, if they happen to get clogged or dislodged, it can cause water to accumulate in the foundation and soften the soil around the basement. This buildup of water in the soil around the foundation of the house coupled with ineffective drainage systems can lead to an increase in hydrostatic pressure on the foundations of the house. In the home’s interior, if basement walls haven’t been maintained, they can crack and create a direct route for the water from the moist soil to trickle down into the basement. Condensation is another common interior problem that is exacerbated during the winter months. Warm air in the basement from the home’s heating system comes in contact with the cold walls leading to condensation that can seep into the drywall and erode it.”

The company’s spokesperson then talks about how Wise Waterproofing can mitigate the effects of water leaks in the basement by saying, “We can install sump pumps at the lowest point of the basement, where water will gather naturally. The pumps send water out and away from your home’s foundation. We will test your downspout lines to ensure you are not at risk of excessive water next to your home. We can install French drains to provide an affordable option for homeowners to carry water away from their foundation using gravel and perforated piping. We use industry-standard techniques to provide basement waterproofing services that are bound to get results and will have your property restored and stronger than ever in no time. So if you are a homeowner in Akron, Ohio, and you are worried about the integrity of your home’s foundation and basement, give us a call today and we will send over our best technicians for a free inspection.”

Wise Waterproofing can be contacted at the phone number (330) 423-1153 or the email address dwise@wisewaterproofingsystems.com. The company’s working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 5 PM.


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