Acacia Dental Group Reveals that Same-Day Tooth Crowns Are Now Available in Woden

Acacia Dental Group, a dental practice in Phillip, ACT, Australia, is pleased to announce that same-day dental crowns are now available for patients in Woden and neighbouring areas through the advanced cosmetic dentistry technology known as CEREC. Tooth crowns and bridges offer a simple way to restore damaged and missing teeth but the process usually took weeks, necessitating the use of temporary and often poorly-fitted crowns as an intermediary while waiting for the permanent ones. Weeks later, the patient has to pay a second visit to the dentist and the temporary dental crown has to be removed and the final tooth crown bonded to what remains of the natural tooth. Fortunately, with the CEREC machine, dental crowns and bridges can be provided within the same day, during the first visit.

Sirisha Yalamanchili, who is part of the husband and wife team running the Acacia Dental Group, says, “Patients getting the dental crowns within a few hours during the first visit is a game changer because it eliminates the several weeks in which the patient previously had to wear temporary crowns that appear significantly worse aesthetically. No longer will patients need to feel embarrassed while wearing temporary crowns as they wait for their final dental crowns to become available.”

The cosmetic dentist in Woden will produce 3D digital images of the teeth, which allows them to design the ceramic restoration quickly and accurately. Instead of waiting for several weeks for the crown to be made, the CEREC dental crown is made using the advanced machine within a few hours. Furthermore, because the new technology uses digital imaging, the dental crown will look and feel like a natural tooth. And it is not just durable but also biocompatible, stain-resistant, and will help preserve the remaining tooth. These restorations may last between five to 15 years, but how long they last will also depend on the level of care and hygiene practiced by the patient.

Meanwhile, the Acacia Dental Group does not only offer CEREC technology but other popular cosmetic technology products, such as: dental veneers; crowns and bridges; white dental fillings; and teeth whitening. Porcelain dental veneers can be used as a remedy for chipped, stained or crooked teeth, including gaps and misalignments. They are made of thin shells of porcelain and are fitted and bonded over the front of the affected tooth. They offer a comfortable fit, discreet, long-lasting, and natural appearance.

White dental fillings are used to repair cavities but they have the added benefit of having the colour of natural teeth, which makes the filling hardly noticeable. These fillings are made of composite resin that is stable, durable, and compatible. For larger cavities, inlays and onlays can be used. The difference between the two is that onlays are for bigger areas of decay and they cover the cusps of the teeth. However, both require indirect restoration. Detailed impressions will be taken of the damaged tooth and a model is sent to the laboratory where a porcelain restoration is produced. The porcelain restoration will then be bonded to the prepared tooth surface. All of these cosmetic dentistry solutions are designed to provide the patient with a much-improved smile.

Since 1989, Acacia Dental Group has been a privately-owned dental practice providing family dentistry services to Woden and surrounding areas, including Canberra, for more than 32 years. The practice is led by husband and wife Dr. Mallik Prasad Yalamanchili and Dr. Sirisha Yalamanchili who are committed to delivering the best possible dental care at affordable prices in Canberra and neighbouring areas. Their primary goal is to help patients in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Mallik has more than 20 years of experience as a dentist and has been trained on orthodontic braces, Invisalign, and dental implants. He is determined to provide a solution for patients for various types of dental issues, no matter how challenging.

When in need of tooth crowns Woden residents can check out the Acacia Dental Group website or contact them through the phone or by email. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays.


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