This company is helping Singapore become more sustainable by turning food waste into fertiliser in just 24 hours

In Singapore, one of the largest waste sources is food waste, which has increased by 20% over the previous ten years. The city-state produced approximately 740 million kg of food waste in 2019. That is equal to over 51,000 double-decker buses, or two bowls of rice per person per day.

One company, Biomax Green, has created a sustainable and socially responsible way to convert trash and aid in the fight against climate change. It contributes to the creation of a greener Singapore for present and future generations by turning organic waste into high-quality fertiliser.

Converting organic waste to fertiliser

The Biomax Rapid Thermophilic Digester from Biomax Green is a patented system that can transform any organic waste into high-quality organic fertiliser in just 24 hours, making it the fastest method of its kind in the global waste management business.

The Digester, which is the result of years of study by founder Mr. Sim Eng Tong and his team, can transform a wide range of organic wastes, including sludge, livestock waste, food waste, waste wood, and others, into odourless, pathogen-free, high-nutrient fertilisers. Unlike conventional garbage disposal procedures, which can result in severe air pollution and the production of greenhouse gases, this recycling process kills harmful bacteria.

To accelerate the aerobic fermentation process, unique enzymes are used in the Digester, which runs at a temperature of 80-85 °C. The Digester transforms garbage into useable materials much faster than natural decomposition and requires no work or upkeep.

Positive effects of regenerative fertiliser

Regenerative organic fertiliser created from trash has a lot of advantages for both individuals and businesses. Biomax Green fertilisers, for example, are high in micronutrients such as sulphur, calcium, iron, and magnesium and have a positive impact on soil health and crop growth. High quantities of organic matter in the fertiliser also contribute to the formation of the proper soil structure, which can improve pore space, soil tilth, and water retention.

According to Mr. Sim, organic fertilisers have long-term benefits due to their high mineral and organic matter content. Because they are slowly released into the soil, crops and soil health may benefit years after fertiliser application. Quality and safety are also maintained by using a proprietary manufacturing technique, stringent quality control, and high-speed shearing to make the goods. This encourages the production of pathogen-free, dependable, and ecologically beneficial fertiliser that is long-lasting.

Organic fertilisers are another solution for a hungry globe. Over the last 40 years, more than 33% of the world's adequate food-producing land has been lost, costing the global economy $40 billion per year. Furthermore, nitrogen from synthetic fertilisers is harmful to the environment and human health. Organic soil amendments and fertilisers can help to solve these issues.

What makes Biomax Green unique

Keeping up with the expanding fertiliser market may be challenging for some companies. In a $200 billion per year market where the organic fertiliser subset is expected to reach $19 billion by 2027, Biomax Green is prepared to fill the gap.

Despite dealing with global supply chain issues and a global fertiliser shortage, Mr. Sim and his team are capable of staying ahead of the curve and continuing to address climate change through clever and innovative solutions thanks to their planned licences and partnerships with numerous big-box retailers and agriculture clients.

Demand for organic agriculture products is increasing for both small and large commercial growers, with over 2.7 million organic food farmers farming on 142.8 million acres globally.

Biomax Green's Research & Development Team is working on more agricultural products to supplement their proprietary organic fertiliser, in addition to the award-winning Digester. These contain an organic pest repellant and a powerful plant growth booster that boosts crop yield and germination rate.

For more information on Biomax Green and its award-winning methods and technologies, interested parties may visit its official website and various social media channels.

Biomax Green

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