rewrite this title 15 failed tattoos that you will want to have removed immediately Buzz

Von: Christian Kisler


You can’t even look at these tattoo fails © tattoo_fails/Instagram/BuzzFeed Austria

Tattoos reflect your personality or are just beautiful. But some are not at all handsome – and hopefully not a character image either.

1. Is that supposed to be a joker? Jossas!

2. This is what lips look like. NOT

3. The template for this Batman was probably drawn by a five-year-old child

4. I can only hope your kids don’t actually look THIS

5. Beginners probably stung that

6. If you forgot to actually put your polo shirt on, this tattoo will have you dressed anyway

7. A tiger? I’m not really sure

8. Freddie Mercury didn’t deserve this

9. And neither

10. Now a classic

11. I would be worried about my nipple

12. I see no difference here from the template

13. A must for all DJs

14. Just why, why?

15. I can’t think of anything else

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